Acknowledgements & Photography Credits:

LTA would like to thank all the professional photographers, members and non-members who have donated their images to the LTA. These include:

Robert Carr Hartley: ( Majority of the wildlife & Island Culture images

Caroline Thouless: Some cultural images, the whale tail

Robin Moore: ( Many beautiful Lamu images

Jahawi Bertolli: ( The Lamu Archipelago. The story of Lamu Marine Constervation Trust. Documentry

John & Lulu Clark: Film clips of Maulidi and dhow races, general images

Jemima Bornman: ‘From Lamu with Love��� film

Eric Lafforgue: (www.ericlafforgue.comHomepage images smiling children & racing donkeys

Isabelle Simon: Accommodation in Shela image, Homepage

Sandy Bornman: Atmospheric images on the Homepage and Shops, Galleries & Boutiques

Angelika Schuetz: Atmospheric Shela images & Wildlife pics in Land & Sea Gallery

Annabelle Elwes: ( Aerials of Shela & boy on dhow homepage slide

Carol Korschen: Turtles & dolphins

Anikia Henley: Underwater shots of fish & Kiwayu beaches, culture and fishing

Daniela Bateleur: Boutiques

Leslie Duckworth: Water sports, yoga, Kipungani beach shots

Monika Fauth: Health and wellbeing images

Gillies Turle: Health & wellbeing images

Fuzz Dyer: Scenic flights images

Bob Gale: ( Homepage Illustrated Map

And many others … LTA is very grateful and thanks you all for your generous contributions