Nestled along Kenya’s northern coastline, the peaceful islands of the Lamu archipelago have welcomed travelers for over a thousand years. The first visitors came by ancient sailing vessels from Arabia, China and India, expanding their trade routes in the Indian Ocean. Today, Lamu has been re-discovered by travelers — modern-day escapists — who value timeless traditions and un-spoilt nature. Transportation in the archipelago continues in the age-old way using dhows and donkeys. In the hyper modern world, Lamu truly is a refuge.   Lamu attracts the discerning, independent traveler; it is not a crowded tourism destination — and the Lamu Tourism Association wants to keep it that way. Nonetheless, there is a need to promote Lamu’s unique qualities as a preferred travel destination in a sensitive and sustainable way. Tourism is essential to the local economy, directly supporting hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, shops,��deep sea fishing charter boats, sightseeing boats, tour guides and more recently some important wildlife conservancies in Lamu district. Tourism also sustains local communities by benefitting local entrepreneurs and provides markets for traditional craftsmen and women. Fishermen provide fresh catches, traditional boat building techniques thrive, historic buildings are restored using local materials and time-honored techniques, Lamu’s wood carvers expand their trade and local crafts flourish, farmers provide fresh produce and local merchants sell their wares.

The Lamu Tourism Association (LTA) is an umbrella organization made up of Lamu’s independent tourism businesses – from hotel-owners to dhow captains and shopkeepers to fishermen. LTA provides a common unified voice to support their issues and concerns. With the strength of its membership, LTA can help to raise Lamu’s profile both at home and abroad; to ensure that tourism developments and practices are culturally sensitive and sustainable; to protect Lamu’s World Heritage status and to lobby for a green island and the environment. LTA is proud to be in-step with local culture and values.

The association’s aims are: – To be a local forum for Lamu’s Tourism-related businesses – To be a pressure group engaging with national and international tourism bodies – To promote Lamu as a unique unspoiled tourism destination of world heritage importance – To provide practical support for local tourism-related initiatives.

All tourism related businesses in the area are encouraged to apply for membership. Individuals and non-Lamu based businesses are also welcome as ‘Friends of Lamu’. The Annual membership fee is KSH 5,000.00 payable by cash or by cheque to Lamu Tourism Association or by Mpesa to 0724592809. LTA is a non-profit organization.  ��         ����                   �� �� �� 

P.O. Box 266-80500 Lamu / Tel: 0724.592809 / / / Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Discover Lamu


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