The Lamu archipelago offers a variety of accommodations for visitors, including hotels, guesthouses, beach lodges and private holiday villas. The special architectural features of arched windows, carved wooden doors and intricate plasterwork designs are in keeping with local Swahili traditions. Typically, plain façades mask elegant interiors often with graceful courtyards and a pool or fountain to cool the air. Rooftop terraces catch the sunrise and the evening breezes as you take in the atmosphere and the sweeping sea view.

Many Private Villas are ���self-catered / fully staffed’ meaning guests are involved in ordering their food on a day to day basis; the food is purchased and prepared by the Villa’s private staff and the account is settled directly with the guests.

Beach lodges offer rustic and charming accommodation for those who desire a down-to-earth get-a-way. They are mostly located some distance from Lamu town, but many offer regular trips into Lamu for shopping and sightseeing.

If you arrive by air you will land on Manda Island, which is opposite Lamu town, and if you arrive by road you will land at Mkowe, the road head on the mainland. A short boat ride from either will take you to your local destination. Lamu Old Town, set in the Lamu channel, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a bustling warren of narrow streets pervaded by a strong sense of history and culture. Towards the ocean the quiet streets and the beautiful boutique hotels and guesthouses of Shela Village make it a popular holiday destination. Opposite the channel from Shela lies Manda Island and Ras Kitau beach. Manda Island’s rich history is illustrated by Taqwa ruins which are accessible by boat on the high tide. On the other side of Manda Island lie Manda Bay and the Manda Channel, which is a good snorkeling area and popular for day trips from Lamu and Shela. Further north is Pate Island; Pate is still undeveloped for tourism, but the island’s culture and its historic ruins make it well worth a day visit. Further north still, looking over an expanse of bush land and set in a marine reserve, the sand dunes and extraordinary beaches of Kiwayu make it arguably the jewel of the archipelago. At the remote and stunningly beautiful southern end of Lamu Island lie Kipungani and Kizingoni, reachable from Lamu by boat, and further south still is the Tana Delta river estuary, a beautiful and wild place accessed mainly by private air charter, where sand dunes, birdlife, hippos, palms and the great ocean are all on your doorstep.

The LTA member properties listed below are arranged first by location: Lamu Old Town, Shela Village, Manda Island, Ras Kitau, Manda Bay, Kiwayu Island, Kipungani and Tana Delta, and then by category: Hotels, Guesthouses, Private Holiday Villas and Camps/Lodges. Contact details are provided for further information. The locations, and where possible the properties themselves, are indicated on the map. Each location offers a different taste of the archipelago, and the majority may be visited as day trips from wherever you are staying.

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