Take a Guided Tour

The Lamu Tour Guides Association and The Shela Tour Guides Association are registered organisations, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, designed to give visitors a taste of the islands!

Let your first impression of Lamu be the welcoming faces of these well trained professionals who can design a walking, donkey or sailing tour to fit your time schedule, your interests and your mood.

Fancy a slow amble around the narrow cool maze-like streets of Old Lamu Town? Always dreamt of taking off to wild and exotic islands fringed by white sand beaches? Or visiting ancient ruins where time stands still? Any of these and more can be achieved by taking a tour with Tour Guides – people who can unlock the secrets of this beautiful archipelago.

Here are a selection of tours that can be tailor-made to your specifications:

  • Lamu Town Tour. By foot or donkey this tour takes approx 2 hours. And takes in such sites as the imposing Lamu Fort, the ancient Pwani Mosque, the central Riyadh Mosque and square, the Old Stone Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), amazing views from the highest rooftops in Lamu, allowing you a perspective of Lamu you don’t get from the ground, wood carving workshops and other artisan craft workshops and even the highly recommended Lamu Museum.
  • Pate Island Tour. Take a beautiful wooden dhow and sail through the channel beset on either side by our protected mangrove forest. Snorkel, swim and sunbathe at pristine Manda Toto Island. Then sail on to Pate Island where time moves slowly in the old town, visit the ruins of the old town, see women making the traditional makuti for our beautiful thatched roofs and kofias for the Muslim men. From here you can venture further to villages and towns such as Siyu with it’s incredible fort – more than a match for the one found in Lamu. (2/3 days)
  • Kiwayu Island Tour. Further up the archipelago where the populations dwindle, the beauty inspires and beaches take your breath away in Kiwayu. One of the most stunning white sand beaches you will find in East Africa, unspoilt, untouched, offering snorkeling that will thrill the senses. Fish for your own lunch and visit the local village. (2/3 days)
  • Takwa Ruins Tour.. Tales of history that you can feel as you explore these ancient ruins. Visit the town that was abandoned when fresh water ran out, wander among the old crumbling stone ruins set between silent mangroves and the roaring open ocean. This can be combined with a trip to Manda Toto snorkeling trip. (1 day).
  • Matandoni Tour. A smaller village on Lamu island famous for it’s dhow building, basket weaving, makuti making and other artisan crafts. A small friendly village sometimes overlooked by those on a short time schedule but famous locally as the people who supply so many of the beautiful items that make Lamu Island so beautiful. This can also be combined with a trip to the glorious beach of Kipungani. (1 day)

These are but a few of the many trips and tours you can take here, the only limit is your imagination!

LAMU TOUR GUIDES: ZIWA  0721 949 271                                                       SHELA TOUR GUIDES: NASSIR 0722 726 233